Cotton Scarves-Both Need and Fashion Accessory

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Cotton scarf is evergreen accessory. An outfit of daily use for all seasons these scarves provide comfort and ease to wearer. This scarf is inexpensive and easily available in comparison to silk and pashmina scarves but provide adequate warmth and coziness. Person who is allergic to animal fibers and other synthetic fibers can use cotton scarves without any hesitation because it doesn't react with sensitive skin.

A perfect head cover

The best use of cotton scarf is to use it as head cover. Relevant as head cover it is used either for protection or embellishment or for both. As a non slippery and soft cloth, its minor coarse fiber gets stuck to head due to friction. This property make scarf of cotton a perfect head cover for persons dealing with hair loss.

Apart from being used as head cover for bald people, they are great source to keep chilly winds of winters and hot sunshine of summers at bay. These scarves protect us from the direct sunlight which can cause hot flashes. Also from the chilly waves of winters that can have adverse effect on our health can be remain protected if we use this scarf. Cotton is breathable fabric, allows air to circulate through skin and remains cool in summers and warm in winters thus they are favored for all seasons.

An accessory for hat and hand bags

Wrap cotton scarves over head and shoulder for a great look but they can be a right accessory for your hats too. For this wrap scarf underneath of oversized hat for added protection against harsh rays of sun or make scarf like a band then wrap it around the hat, tie the two ends and spread it out. Also for the decorative purpose of hand bag you can make use of these scarves. Tie them on handle or chains of bags for creating contrast that fully go with your main outfit. Otherwise you can do one more thing, convert your scarf into a bag. Stitch the both ends of one side of scarf and do the same with other end to make strip. Now stitch the loose sides in both the face of bag and you will have a beautiful bag made of cotton scarf.

Some ideas for summer

Wrap scarf around hip leaving it's with flowing. Make a knot in spread way or a simple knot in one side of hip to tie it. This becomes an attractive skirt. In the same manner you can make top out of scarf. Wrap around one shoulder and tie the knot from two ends over shoulder. From other two ends tie knot in the back of torso or in either side of waist. An alluring top is ready for you. To make skirt and top use long cotton scarves and worn them on beaches and pool parties.

Aside from above given ideas these scarves can be sued as turban, belt, bandana, sash, neck scarf and wrist scarf. They are easily teamed up with jeans, jackets, suits, slacks, shirts and t-shirts and are highly popular among international fashion fraternity.

From where to Purchase

Cotton scarves are available in wide array on offline and online shopping centers. The quality of stuff of online store will be on par with the offline stores and that too in economical price.
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