The 5 Simple Tricks to Weight Loss

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With over 30% of all American over weight and obese these days you wonder how are we ever going to become a more fit and healthy society.
Children are becoming overweight and obese before they are teenagers. Processed foods, sugar sodas and too much TV is a huge reason for this. And to top it off, obesity causes over 55% of these individuals with depression.

Here are 5 Simple Weight Loss Tricks to make you Look and Feel Better:

Walking - As simple as getting up from your chair and walking around your house to getting out and walking around your neighborhood. This one exercise alone can change your lifestyle almost immediately. Walking gets your blood, muscles and heart working which then creates a signal to your brain making you feel ten times happier and generally, you will want to keep walking more and more.

For those rainy days, walk around your home, up and down stairs, around your garage - just find a way to move and it will change the way you feel.

Laughing - A happy person is a healthy person. Not only do you actually burn about 1.3 calories per minute when you are laughing, but it also has some good healthy benefits too. Laughter reduces emotional stress and a workout for the muscles of the diaphragm, abdomen, back, and shoulders. And research has shown laughter to reduce food cravings.

So forget the serious drama, petty arguments or dealing with disappointment - just remember to laugh as much as you can for your health and happiness.

Sleeping - This is an eye opener, or should I say, needs to be an eye closer. Research is finding a link between sleeping and our appetite. Certain hormonal activity happens when we sleep and it is now being tied to our hunger pangs. Did you ever have a sleepless night and then felt that anything you ate the next day just didn't fill you up? This could be the affect of not enough sleep.

Adults require at least 7 - 8 hours of sleep every day. But with our fast paced, hectic lives look around and see how many over weight people are not getting enough sleep. The best way to overcome and accomplish a great night sleep, is to try to go to bed every night (even weekends) at the same time. Why not give it a try for a week and see how you are feeling and if your appetite can be controlled.

Eating - When you eat a healthy diet of fruits, vegetables, grains, lean meats and most important, water, the body will actually turn itself into a fat burning machine. But when we plug ourselves up with processed foods, sugar sodas, bad fats and carbs it turns our bodies into weak, lazy and basically shuts down. Eating is so important but most important is what you eat and the time of day you eat.

If you are still snacking late evening, after 8:00p.m., stop now. Make that one change and you will see a huge different in your weight and health. Cookies and milk will have to be weaned out of your diet and you will see such a difference that it will make you smile.

Meditation - When you set aside a portion of your day, maybe 15 or 20 minutes, for meditation you will see a huge difference in your sense of being. Meditation can be yoga, pilates or reading a funny book, magazine, sitting out on your porch or even talking a bubble bath. Just be sure to meditate in a quiet, cool room with no interruptions and no loud noise. Turn that TV, computer and cell phones off. Unwind and only think of good positive thoughts. Leave all your worries and emotional stress out of your mind. If you never have meditated, give this a try every day for 2 weeks and see how your positive refreshed mind will bring weight loss success [] and a healthier you!
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