Buying a 1999 Pontiac Grand Prix

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    • 1). Gauge the value of a 1999 Pontiac Grand Prix in your local area with the NADA Guides and Kelley Blue Book websites (see Resources). With Kelley Blue Book, you can see the retail value and the private party value. Private party value is for if you are buying from an individual.

    • 2). Check for recall and service bulletins on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and My Car Stats websites (see Resources). This lets you know of any potential problems the vehicle may have.

    • 3). Browse used car ads in your local newspaper and online on sites such as eBay Motors, Auto Trader and your local Craigslist (see Resources). Also, visit any local used car lots in your area to see if they have any 1999 Grand Prix vehicles available. Contact any sellers of cars you want to test drive.

    • 4). Agree on a price with the seller once you find the Grand Prix you want to buy. If you do not already have money for the purchase, apply for a used car loan at your local bank. Rates vary by lender and amount financed. Your income and employment information is needed to complete the application.

    • 5). Pay the seller and sign the bill of sale document. The seller must sign the car title and give it to you to transfer the ownership. If you are in a state that requires a smog certificate, such as California, be sure to look at it before paying and signing the bill of sale to make sure the vehicle passed inspection.

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