Do Men Think Sex Means a Relationship Follows? If You Don"t Know the Answer Already, You Must Read

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Are you confused about what sex means to guys? Is it true that men think that sex means that a relationship naturally follows? If you sleep with him, will he want you to be his girlfriend? If you are currently seeing a man and debating whether or not to sleep with him, you will want to be careful with the decision.
If you don't want to get hurt you may want to hear whether or not men think sex means a relationship in all cases.
First, ask yourself what century you are living in.
In the past, men and women might have been more bound by a night of passion than either of them desired upon waking the morning after.
A woman could lose her entire reputation and be ruined for life just by sleeping with a man she wasn't married to.
Although men could usually escape most of the stigma and mess, their lives also could be ruined if they messed around with the wrong woman.
But today we are living in the aftermath of the sexual revolution.
Men and women both are able to enter into casual sexual relationships with suitable partners without risking their lives being ruined.
Provided that you and the guy are both single and discreet, sexual intimacy can be casual and exciting.
But do men necessarily think that sex in modern times means a relationship will probably follow? Not quite.
For men, lust and love are quite different animals.
For that reason, entering into a sexual relationship with a man before you are in an emotional relationship can be dangerous.
This is especially true if the guy is someone that you can already see yourself falling for.
While he may be overwhelmed with the desire to get your clothes off and say all sorts of sweet things in order to get his way, that doesn't mean that he thinks that sex means a relationship.
If you really want to make something meaningful with him, hold off on the sexual side of the attraction.
Building an emotional bond before you have sex will be the better path if you want a long-term bond.
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