Fun Inside Activities for Kids

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      Rainy or cold days can be challenging for a parent or babysitter. Having a collection of fun indoor activities will help beat those blues and create a fun day of crafts, games and quality time together. When putting together these activities, save time by assembling materials ahead of time in a shoe box or container so you can just get them off the shelf when needed.

    Make a Band

    • Kids love making music but might lose interest in traditional musical instruments. Create your own instruments by using household materials. Create a tambourine by putting two plastic plates facing together with a handful of pebbles in between them. Staple around the gathered plates edges so the pebbles can't escape. Also, coffee cans turned over make great drums, and you can even use chopsticks or wooden spoons as drumsticks. If you don't want to make your own instruments, consider simple instruments like kazoos and harmonicas for your band.

    Go on a Scavenger Hunt

    • Create a scavenger hunt throughout your house with one final prize. That prize can be a special snack, or maybe even a little toy. To create your scavenger hunt, write clues that have to do with family memories in the house. For example, perhaps a clue would read, "Go to the place where we open Christmas presents." Make at least 10 clues and have each clue lead to the next clue. The final prize may simply be the thrill of winning the hunt.

    Throw a Party

    • There does not need to be an actual holiday to throw a party. Declare it "Indoor Party Day" and create a special party. Decide the time of the party for the afternoon and then spend the morning creating invitations, decorations, crowns for the guests and even baking a cake. Hang all the decorations and put an invitation at each place setting. Then, declare it party time and play games such as Pin the Tail on the Donkey, and Bobbing for Apples. Kids will love that there was a special day without even needing a holiday.

    Write a Book

    • Collect old magazines you can tear up and cut apart. Using pieces of construction paper, staple together 10 pieces to create a book. Have your child decorate the cover of your book and include the title, "All About Me." Ask your child to write a sentence about his life. An example would be, "I love dogs." After writing that sentence, look through the various magazines to find words, pictures or illustrations alluding to that idea. Cut the object or word out and have the child glue it into the book. Create new ideas about his life on each page.

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