Juniper to Come Out With 100 Gigabit Switches

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Brocade is coming out with 100 gigabit switches in the next few months and I'm sure Juniper will be quick to follow suit.
Juniper now offers carrier class non blocking switches with the biggest and baddest backplanes on the planet.
The idea of 100 gig across all the ports is as hard to fathom as 100 megs was back in the day that Madge Networks came out with 100VG-AnyLAN proprietary technology.
That was back when token ring was running 4/16 megs.
Is 100 gig for real? What type of cabling will be needed to support it? Will the gbics be 1000 gig? Will this technology come out before the Pittsburgh Pirates have a winning season? I'd bet on 100 gigand the fact that Brocade and Juniper will beat Cisco to the punch.
We haven't seen anything new from Cisco in a while and I'm not sure their R&D is close to the 100 gig reality yet.
I do believe 100 gig will be the next splash that will attempt to excite IT directors and move them to the next big upgrade.
Skip 10 gig, we're only a few quarters a way from 100 gig.
How much will it cost you ask? More than that 3D TV you're looking at but less than that brand new Jaguar you priced over the weekend.
100 gig will here before you know it, and Brocade Communications and Juniper Networks are the technology giants that are going to make it a reality! If you don't fully understand the difference in speed between 10 gig and 100 gig, it's like comparing the tortoise with the hare jacked up on energy drinks.
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