Practice Makes...Success in Business?

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Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Bill Gates, Michael Phelps, Donald Trump.
All these names synonymous with success, fame, incredible skills and abilities, and the crazy amounts of money they make doing what they do.
All of these personalities have something they are well-known for, something that they are extremely successful doing.
These 5 guys just decided one day as adults that they would be awesome or they were just born awesome, right? Of course not! Michael Jordan: Has been playing basketball since he was a young kid in his driveway before he even had an actual hoop to play with.
One year in high school, Jordan didn't even make the cut for the varsity basketball team.
Tiger Woods: Is seen on videos on national TV putting with toy golf clubs at the age of 3! Bill Gates: His parents had planned for him to go to law school.
At 13 he went to a prep school where he took an interest in programming after his school purchased a Teletype Model 33 ASR terminal.
His first program was a tic-tac-toe-like game that allowed the user to play against the computer.
Michael Phelps: Only started swimming at the age of about 7 when his mom thought it would be a good outlet to release energy since he had ADHD.
He was in his first Olympic Games at the age of 15.
Donald Trump: His father was a real estate developer.
Trump's first part in a deal was when his father purchased Swifton Village Apartments in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1962 for 5.
7 million.
Donald was able to take lead at some of the smaller jobs like landscaping, etc.
He was able to take more of a lead and ended up dramatically affecting the apartments vacancy rates within two years.
If you have not realized where I'm going with the details above, I'm about to reveal it to you.
Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Bill Gates, Michael Phelps & Donald Trump all started at different times in their lives.
They all do very different things, but none of them obtained the level they have today overnight.
It's called practice.
Why is it that we expect athletes to practice in order to get better and stay on top? Why is it many of us in business seem to fly by the seat of our pants? We should be practicing too! Whether putting, shooting hoops, swimming laps, creating new programs or negotiating real estate deals, it all involves practice, and lots of it! Think about where you would like to be within your real estate career in 5 years.
Think about what it will take to get there.
Think about your first deal, or if you have not yet closed on a deal, think about your first interaction with a client.
Was it a flawless experience? Were you able to answer questions with confidence and accuracy? Was it a complete mess? Has it gotten better? Whatever your results, there were probably many things you could have done differently.
In fact, even with 9 years of real estate experience in various areas of the business and tons of training, I frequently have to go and look at a book or research online.
At times, I have to tell a client I will get back to them with an answer to their question.
I recently started using some online resources much more effectively and I'm saving an insane amount of time and effort.
With practice, we gain confidence, increase skills, work more diligently, negotiate better, lower liability risks, make more money and so on.
Practice Makes...
Success in Business! Next time you're working on a deal and you go through your routine, think about what you could do to make some part of your transaction go smoother.
Then create a small, quick plan to make that change.
Then practice it! Bring your elbow in slightly, spread your fingers just a bit further apart, line the ball up with the hoop and take the shot...
as many times as it takes.
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