Spring Swimming Pool Start-Up: Kits and Chores

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Beach ball and swimming poolOwners of backyard swimming pools in most parts of the US keep them covered during the winter months.  Unless your swimming pool is indoors or you've invested in a pool heater, swimming in a pool in winter just isn't much fun.  By the time March rolls around, most pool owners are eagerly anticipating the arrival of pool season.  To ensure a healthy, enjoyable swimming season, pool owners must focus on two things at the start of spring: Kits and chores.

Spring pool chemical kits are an important part of opening your pool for the season.  Discount pool supplies are available from many pool supply companies, and start-up kits are an economical way to get your pool off to a great start for spring.  To get the best pool supplies discounts, be sure to purchase the kit that is the correct size for your pool; otherwise you'll end up spending more to buy additional chemicals later.  Spring pool chemical kits include:
  • Pool shock
  • Algaecide
  • Water clarifier
  • Metal control
  • Water test strips

Pool kits sanitize your swimming pool by getting rid of contaminants that have built up during the winter while you weren't using the pool.  These contaminants accumulate in pool water even when the pool is covered.  Sanitizing the pool reduces the risk of swimmers contracting illnesses, such as ear infections, from dirty pool water.

Of course, a clean swimming pool with sparkling clear water is also achieved with the proper application of chemicals from spring pool kits.  Many pool owners have Memorial Day pool parties; if you opened your pool with the right kit, you can be assured of having an attractive pool for your party that will be enjoyed and envied by all your friends.

The second part of pool start-up is completion of chores.  Chores to complete before opening your pool aren't difficult, but they can be time-intensive.  It's easier to spread them out over several days than to try to get everything done at once.  Here's a to-do list for pool start-up chores:
  • Remove water, leaves and debris from your pool cover and allow it to dry completely; remove and store the pool cover in a dry, rodent-free location.
  • Check the structure of your pool, whether above ground or inground, for defects, and make any needed repairs.  Check recreational equipment, such as slides and diving boards, for broken steps and rot.
  • Check the operation of all pool equipment, including the filter, pump, and heater.  Perform routine maintenance and purchase new, upgraded equipment when necessary.  Keep in mind that buying energy-efficient equipment when possible offers substantial savings on your pool maintenance utility bill.
  • Clean your swimming pool with a skimmer, vacuum, and brush.  You may need to do this more than once.
  • Test pool water and make any needed adjustments.  If your water is out of balance, the chemicals in your spring kit won't be as effective.  If you have questions about water balance, call your pool supply company for assistance.
  • Follow pool chemical safety procedures when you use the components in your kit.  Be sure to apply chemicals in the proper dosage for your pool.  Follow label directions carefully, and call your pool supply company if you get confused or have questions.

Using the right pool kit and completing all your spring start-up chores will help ensure a trouble-free, stress-free swimming season.
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