How to Make a Corduroy Quilt

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    • 1). Choose corduroy fabric from which to make your squares. This can be from outgrown children's clothing or adult clothing, or even remnants from a sewing shop. If the quilt is meant for a child, having the quilt made from the child's outgrown child might add a personal touch the child would appreciate.

    • 2). Pick out a background for the corduroy quilt. The background should be something that could compliment but not overwhelm the fabric you have chosen for the squares. You should also decide on the size of the quilt and acquire background fabric that will be big enough for the quilt you wish to create.

    • 3). Get the other supplies you need, such as batting for the quilt, thread and other supplies.

    • 4). Start preparing the fabric squares for the corduroy quilt. The squares do not have to be the same size necessarily, but having the squares be larger with variations within that large size would add some interest.

    • 5). Try laying the squares down on the background in a random fashion and sewing them on using a zig-zag stitch. It is up to you whether you wish to have the background of the corduroy showing all the way around the squares, or whether you wish to have the squares continue to the very edge of the quilt.

    • 6). Lay the batting over the back of the background, with the backing on top of the batting, and fold the edges of the background over to make the binding. Sew these all together and finish your quilt.

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