Victoria State Sponsorship Occupation List July 2012

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Victoria State Sponsorship Occupation List SNOL plays a pivotal role in states sponsorship program. There have been elementary changes incorporated in skilled immigration regime of Australia after implementation of SkillSelect. State authorities have released an updated Edition 2012 In July of SNOL to facilitate effective functioning of new immigration system.

Victoria is ranked 2nd in Australia in terms of prosperity. This province accounts for one fourth of countrys GDP. Several performing commercial and non commercial sectors act as incredible source of income generation. Manufacturing is largest source of revenue, which is closely followed by finance, service and agriculture etc.

As an employment destination Victoria presents promising venue in many diverse areas like
Service and Ancillary sector
Finance and insurance
Marine business (fishing and fish farming)
Dairy farming etc.

Manufacturing sector has been a leading employment venue since a long time. But now, there is a noticeable shift being witnessed in employment generation pattern. Other sectors including service and support sectors have emerged as strong competitors to manufacturing. Currently, community, social and personal services sector have become state's largest employment givers.

Domestic labor pool has been consistently unable to cater to growing provincial economy. Due to this authorities are faced with a compelling need to rely on migrant expertise and trained manpower to sustain and boost local economic productivity. The areas facing extreme shortage of trained manpower are reflected in Provincial Endorsement Trade List.

The tabulation is divided in 2 parts, with each of them targeting different segments
State Nomination Occupation List for Victoria SNOL
State Nomination Occupation List for Graduates in Victoria

SNOL reflects trades, which need people with combination of requisite academic achievements and professional endeavors, Migrants entering state on basis of this list will be employed in numerous sectors. Occupations and areas indicated in this tabulation include
Manufacturing and infrastructure
o Engineering
o Building
Financial services
o Managers at various levels and in different departments
Biotechnology and Science
o R&D and science professionals
o Consultants and physicists etc.
Tourism and Hospitality
o Chefs and managers
o Analysts
o Engineers
o Administrators
o Specialists etc
Health care: medical professionals
o Therapists
o Midwifes
o Nurses
o Social workers etc
o teachers at various levels
Misc. trades
o Automotive electricians
o Painters etc.)

SNOL for graduates indicates trades where highly trained and capable graduates can be employed in major thrust sectors
Biotechnology and Science
o Physicists
o Life scientists etc.
o Therapists
o Dentists
o Midwifes
o Nurses etc.

Victoria Skilled Trade Tabulation is updated from time to time on basis of observations and analysis of provincial labor market. These lists also indicate other essential and sundry eligibility parameters, which must be fulfilled by an applicant to qualify for nomination and visa.
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