Why You Need Critical Illness Cover

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Critical sickness can occur unexpectedly. The exorbitant cost of treating these illnesses can be funded through medical insurance policy. However, medical insurance cannot compensate the loss of income that occurs when a critically ill person fails to participate in income generating activities during the illness period, leading to severe financial hardship for the family. For paying your medical bill and resolving the financial problem of your family simultaneously, you need a sickness cover, also known as sickness insurance.

Critical sickness cover vs. medical insurance

While both types of insurance products are meant for funding medical expenses, there is significant difference between the two policies. Medical insurance plans cover a wide range of illnesses and surgical procedures, whereas only critical sickness are covered in the sickness policy. Therefore, a heart attack will be covered by a insurance policy, whereas for treating angina or heart failure you must rely on your medical insurance policy. Despite its limited coverage, there are several benefits of sickness insurance that are not available in the standard health insurance products. The main advantage of sickness cover is that when a sickness is diagnosed, the policyholder is eligible for receiving a lump sum amount, provided he/she survives at least for four weeks after the illness was diagnosed for the first time. The lump sum amount helps to meet the expenses of the treatment. Moreover, it provides relief from financial hardship that is likely to occur when a person falls ill. Unlike standard medical insurance plans that do not cover illnesses that do not require hospitalization, holders of critical sickness insurance policy can enjoy its benefits even when they are treated at home. This is especially beneficial for people diagnosed with certain criticalsickness such as cancers, when hospitalization is not essential for treatment.

Critical sickness covered

The critical sickness insured by the critical sickness policy vary from company to company. Heart attack, stroke, coronary bypass surgery and cancers are few examples of critical sickness that are normally covered by the plan. Depending upon the cost of the insurance policy, about 26 to 161 illnesses are covered in the plan.

Benefits of illness insurance

Critical illness Cover [http://www.criticalillnesscover-4u.co.uk/] insurance increases a person's ability to access the best quality medical treatment. The lump sum amount that a policyholder receives helps in buying recuperation aids. It helps to repay outstanding mortgage debts. It provides financial support to your family while you are recovering from the illness.
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