How To Treat Compressed Air

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Treating compressed air requires the use of particulate filters and coalescing filters in a compressed air system.
Particulate Filters are mainly used to remove solid particle contaminants down to 5microns.
Particulate Filters are mostly used in industrial applications that require clean compressed air.
Examples include, but not limited to, air motors, air tools, air hoists, air spray guns, air drills, and other pneumatic or air operated equipment.
Particles act as abrasives within internal parts in pneumatic equipment; therefore delivery of clean compressed air is essential to prolong equipment life.
How Does A Particulate Filter Work? As wet and dirty air is directed downward and outward in a circular motion by a turbine-shaped baffle, liquid and gross particles separate.
Liquid and particles flow down the inside of a bowl to the bottom to be drained.
Partially filtered air then passes through the 5 micron filter media element.
What's the proper way to size a Particulate Filter? Wilkerson Particulate Filters are mainly sized based on air flow and pressure, and is also useful to include information such as temperature and pipe size.
If the filter is undersized, then it will cause a pressure drop.
As a rule of thumb, size it so that the pressure dropis not over 2.
5 psig to avoid high operating maintenance cost.
What Size DoParticulate Filtersand Coalescing Filters Come In?Port sizes are available from 1/8" - 3" port sizes.
Caution: Again, the most importan thing to consider is the air flow and pressure, but, if the pipe size of the air line system is larger than the particulate filter port size consider using a Particulate Filter or Coalescing Filter that matches the size of the pipe instead of reducing pipe size because it will cause the pressure drop to increase, and therefore increase operating maintenance costs.
Wilkerson Coalescing Filters are used to remove oil aerosols from compressed air.
Wilkerson Coalescing Filters can removewater and aerosols down to 0.
001 micron, and leave oil content in compressed air down to 0.
003 parts per million (ppm) at 70 degrees F, at a pressure of 100 PSIGusing a typical compressor lubricant.
How Do Coalescing Filters Work?It sounds confusing at first because coalescing means to unite, yet coalescing filters work to remove oil from compressed air.
What a contradiction! The reason they are called coalescing filters is because of the way they operate.
Basically air flows inside out, and as it passes through the filter media, fine liquid particles, including aerosols, begin to collect or coalesce to form larger drops.
Hence coalescing filters! If you have an air system make sure you treat it with particulate filters to remove solids, and coalescing filters to remove oil, and use the right right size to avoid pressure drop.
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