How to Download Fallout 3 Xbox 360And Play Now

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Fallout 3 Xbox 360 provides players with real choice options. Role playing games generally require player decisions but Fallout 3 raises the bar with many meaningful, affecting and detailed ways to handle any given situation. Player action has far reaching consequences that not only affect the post apocalyptic Washington D.C. where the game is set, but also the way that you play.

The graphic setting of post nuclear Washington D.C. shows the advance of the Fallout series. While Fallout 3 is not as large and broad as the previous games in the series, this version is focused and very detailed. D.C. is a waste land after the nuclear destruction; decaying remnants of a once grand city are is your playground. You will find murky green puddles, mutant Mirelurks, and many other somber reminders as you meander under the watch of crumbling monuments. Gamers who enjoyed the previous games in this series for the black humor may not enjoy Fallout3 as much, there is occasional silliness and a few instances of amusing dialogue but overall Fallout 3 Xbox 360 [] is much more serious than the others in the series.

The story line leads you on a search for your father who escaped from the vault you were in. There are several complex and multi faceted quests along the way and it is important for players to fully explore all the options presented in the quests. Choices are ruled by the player's morality and propriety, but as in life, there are consequences for your decisions.

Bad decisions like breaking and entering, or sacrificing someone else to save yourself lovers your karma. Good decisions like sharing water with a stranger or helping a child find a safe home raise your karma. The karma and the decisions you make can trigger other consequences such as opening or closing dialogue choices, people will react to you differently based upon your karma and reputation. All the way through the end of the game there are important choices that will affect your ending sequence.

The Fallout 3 download for Xbox 360 [] offers players many different attributes and skills that they will earn and obtain as they make their way through the city. The first or third person perspective allows players to choose their view, but in general it is best to play Fallout 3 from a first person view. This keeps the gamer in the action and makes it much more exciting and intense. The battles in fallout 3 are so awesome that the game can seem to be a first person shooter at times instead of a role playing action game. The realities of these battles also affect the game play. For example if you take enough damage to the head you will experience blurring vision, confusion and disorientation. If you get shot in the leg you will limp. Any damage that you sustain becomes a real part of your character and will affect how you play the game.

Fallout 3 Xbox 360 provides players with a realistic ambience with its chilling soundtrack. The audio in this game provides whistling wind, and environmental sounds along with the eerie and gruesome sounds of a baseball bat crushing a skull, far off shotgun blasts and plenty of other spine tingling sounds that keep players immersed in the game.

While Fallout 3 Xbox 360 is a smaller game than its predecessors the myriad of choices and consequences make this more focused and detailed part of the series an exciting and challenging game that may require a few replays to see all the possibilities. Simply changing your response to one simple decision in the beginning of the game can affect all the other challenges you face.
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