Death Hollow

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Death hollow is one of the greatest hikes in Utah because it is more than I hike. I went there when I was a scout for the boy scouts of america. Death Hollow shows everyones inner strength. It is the hardest hike in Utah. To get to death hollow you have to drive on the hogsback. This is a awesome road with cliffs on both sides. One mistake here and you fall off a huge cliff. Death hollow is in the middle of nowhere. Our scout group went twice.

The first trip couldn't go because I wasn't old enough. But the scouts who went hiked the first eleven miles in the really hot sun. They ran out of water. When they came to the spring it was all dried up. They were all pretty thirsty but had to just keep hiking. They entered the slot canyon. It is a beautiful canyon but at this time no one was admiring the beauty but dying for water. The were desperate. Eventually they clasped next to a small puddle that had a dead bird and a frog in it. It was heaven for them. They just laid down there in the slot canyon and some of them thought they were going to die. They couldn't even eat because of dehydration. When the water from the puddle was purified they could only sip it because they would throw up of they drank too much. But they survived e night. The next two days were much better. They ran into water and started trekking through the icy cold water. It was great for them though. They ate their. Food and had no major problems the rest of the trip. They eventually made it out. Two weeks later two men had to be rescued from death hollow because of flash floods. That place has nearly claimed lives but no one has died yet.
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