How To Find Insurance With A Dui Record

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People that have a prior DUI on their record may find it nearly impossible to get an insurance policy. It is a difficult task, but not unreachable. People that have had a DUI obviously were a threat to themselves and to society, but it was a mistake that may people will never make again. Insurance companies find it hard to trust people that have a DUI record because they do not want to be liable for them since they are high risk drivers. Accidents occur on a daily basis by people driving under the influence, and insurance agents are hesitant to insure them based on facts and statistics.

Auto Insurance San Diego companies look into drivers records at least once every three to four years. Sometimes a DUI may not be present at the time of a record check and a person can get insurance without a problem. Other times, a person with a prior DUI may have to do research and try to apply with many different insurance companies just to get a policy and legally be able to drive again. Another thing that drivers with past DUIs worry about is that they will not be able to afford car insurance in San Diego with it on their record. It may be shocking, but a lot of insurance companies do not always have higher rates just because a person had a DUI. A lot of insurance companies will just review a persons driving history and place them on a special high risk policy instead of giving them a normal one.

People that are convicted of a DUI will usually lose their insurance policy and have to find a new company to go with once they are legally able to drive again. Some insurance companies will take back a driver after they have completed all of their legal issues and are licensed to drive once again. They may have to purchase higher premiums and become known as a high risk driver or have limited coverage. A cheap San Diego auto Insurance quote might be the answer for most drivers with a DUI on their record.

A person who has had a DUI usually has to have a SR-22 which shows the insurance company that they have had a DUI conviction and may be a high risk to the company and to other drivers on the road. That can sometimes cause a person to have a hard time finding a company to ensure them for an affordable rate. A DUI can cause a lot of problems for a driver and insurance companies may frown upon reinstating a driver once one has occurred.
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