Outdoor Basketball Hoops For Schools - Which Ones Are Best?

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Outdoor basketball hoops for use in schools need to be sturdy, adjustable, and of good quality.
With the kind of rough and tumble use they will get, buying an inexpensive one will only mean spending more money in the long run.
Any piece of equipment that goes out onto the playground must be solid enough so that it doesn't tip over or become dislodged easily if students hang off the baskets.
If you are considering an in-ground style, make sure that the post is a good size.
The Olympian model is designed with quality in mind.
With its 6" x 8" x 1/4" thick wall post, this unit is built to last.
It is bolted down with an anchor to ensure that it will stay in place until you decide that it's time to move it elsewhere.
Whatever model you choose, make sure it has these attributes.
The Olympian is also height adjustable to accommodate the different ages and abilities of students.
All you need to do to change it is to turn the crank handle to set the rim at any level between 6'6" and 10'.
You can be sure of the height of the rim by checking the Olympian's height indicator.
When you are looking for adjustable basketball hoops that won't break the bank, consider the Vector.
You can set the height at whatever level you need, and the 11 gauge 4" x 4" post will stand up to normal wear and tear on the schoolyard.
This option features a front-mount crank to adjust the height, which makes it a good choice if you wanted to place it close to a wall.
The rim height can be adjusted anywhere from 7' to 10', and you can remove the crank handle to prevent the height from being adjusted by students or visitors to the property.
Schools may not always want to install basketball hoops that are mounted on a pole.
When space is at a premium, there is another solution.
The RoofMaster can be installed on a vertical wall or on a roof pitch, as desired.
This option is adjustable and can be set anywhere from 6' to 10' in height.
Several types of backboards and rims can be used with the RoofMaster, so you can choose one that fits your budget.
Budget is always a consideration when you want to buy outdoor basketball hoops for schools.
Dollars spent for educational purposes must be made to stretch as far as possible, and skimping on school equipment is not a good choice.
Anything that is put out on the playground for students to use should be something that will stand a lot of punishment.
Safety is another consideration and it's well worth the money spent to invest in post pads to reduce the risk of injuries to players.
Buying outdoor basketball hoops for schools is a great idea.
Students are encouraged to be physically active, and they can use them outside of normal school hours as well.
It should be considered an investment in the students' good health.
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