The ABCs of BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) For the DUI Felony Driver

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The main problem in most DUI defense situations is that the person's blood alcohol content (BAC) is the same or higher than the legal maximum.
If the BAC is higher than the maximum, then a person is legally drunk and may be punished by the legal system.
The harshest punishment would be the sentence issued as a result of a DUI felony conviction.
Every state in the United States has laws that set the legal BAC at.
Anything higher than BAC of.
08% and you are in violation of the law.
Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) is how much alcohol is in your body, your blood to be exact.
The BAC test measures the weight of alcohol in your blood and then expresses it in percentage form.
The higher the alcohol level in your blood, the worse your driving will be.
Some studied document that a BAC as low as.
02% impacts a person's driving ability and increases the odds of a traffic accident, even though most states DUI statutes peg the legal BAC at.
At above.
05% the odds of a crash begin to go up.
The chances of a crash skyrocket at.
08% and above.
Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) measurement after being stopped by a police officer on suspicion of DUI involves testing breath, saliva, blood or urine.
Traffic officers often use lots of different tests to check for sobriety, field road tests only measure your reflexes but not your blood alcoholic content.
Even if you pass a sobriety test in the field, you can still be convicted in a court of DUI.
Most experts feel that blood testing is the most accurate way to determine BAC.
Testing blood involves a doctor or other qualified medical professional drawing blood from the accused.
The breathalyzer breath test is the most common kind of blood alcohol test that is performed by police officers.
The breathalyzer test determines the level of alcohol in your breath from your lungs.
In all states the BAC is.
However, in some states it is lower for teenage drivers.
Some states have a zero tolerance policy for teenage drinking and driving, Illinois for example.
The standard is getting tougher for young people.
If you are 21 or younger and have even a.
01% BAC you could still face a DUI charge.
In order to be sure about your BAC you need to take a test (breath, blood, urine or chemical).
However, there are some rules of thumb that let you estimate your BAC based on your weight and how much you have had to drink.
A 170 pound man needs to drink four or more drinks in about an hour in order to hit a BAC of.
08%, and that's on an empty stomach.
A woman at 137 pounds would hit the.
08% BAC at around three drinks, again on an empty stomach.
Remember, these are only "rule of thumb" estimates.
Lots of factors are at play here.
Your weight, what you have eaten recently and other things, all play a part in determining if you are driving drunk.
You can purchase a home breathalyzer kit now.
These kits allow you to check your own BAC.
However, be aware that these kits are considered not very accurate, as a result, many people advise against using them.
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