How to Play "Bomberman" for Free Online

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    • 1). Go to Bomberman. (See Resources)

    • 2

      Click inside the game window with your mouse to load the game.

    • 3). Press "Enter" to start the game.

    • 4

      The arrow keys control movement. The "Enter" key is the Start button. "Control" is the Select button. "X" places a bomb, while "Z" detonates a bomb later in the game. Walk into a power-up to pick it up. Walk into a door to go through it.

    • 5). Destroy as many blocks and enemies as you can, as you look for the power-up and the exit. Each level has a 200 second time limit. If you do not find the exit before time is up you will die. You start the game with three lives. The power-ups and exits are hidden behind blocks, but each level is generated randomly.

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