Church Web Design: Simple And Effective Tips

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You already know how important it is for your church to stay in touch with the congregation.
You probably also know that a web site is a great way to do this.
Unfortunately, many people find the idea of designing and managing a church website to be overwhelming, complicated and expensive.
It doesn't need to be this way.
What follows are some simple and effective church web design and management tips you can use today.
First, if you don't have a church website yet, it's easy to get one up and running.
In fact, you can start up a free website known as a blog at sites such as Wordpress or Blogger.
These site allow you to create a home page for your church very easily.
You can also update these types of sites regularly with the latest church events, photos and bulletins.
The interface used to manage and add information to this type of site is as easy as using a word processor.
These sites also allow the members of your congregation to contact you through the site and post news and information of their own to the site if you choose to allow them to.
Instructions for operating a blog type church website are provided for free online and there is often real-person support available too.
Once your church's website is up and running, you will no doubt want to customize the look and feel of it so that is aligned with the spirit and message of your organization.
If you want to do it yourself and have the time to learn, creating a new header - the graphic image that goes at the top of every page - is a great way to start.
You may want to design it with a picture of your church or town and your church's name.
If you ask, you might find a member of your congregation who is good at creating graphics on the computer and would be happy to take on this task.
They might be very happy to help out their church in this way.
If not and you end up needing to hire a professional to do this, you should know ahead of time that this simple but effective customization can often be done for less than fifty dollars, including the creation of the website header and installation.
Once your site looks the way you'd like it to and you've created your first pages or posts with contact information for your church, your schedule and maybe some of news and photos, it is time to let your congregation know about it.
If you print out a regular newsletter or bulletin that is handed out, this is a great place to print your church's web site address or URL.
Make a note encouraging members to visit the site and give you feedback to help you improve it.
This information will be invaluable in helping you make your website work to its full potential.
Because blogs have many free professional looking templates available, are easy to manage, and are very fast and inexpensive to set up, they are a popular web design choice for many churches.
Whether you choose a free blog, or pay for a church web design service, make sure to keep it clean and simple so your congregation can focus on the message.
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