Does Anyone Read Anymore Or Just Power Browse the Internet For Information?

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Due to all the information smog and mass media bombardment more and more folks are reading their news online, in fact, this trend is causing the newspapers of our nation to die on the vine.
One of the founders of Google stated that he did not know when the newspapers will die, only that such a day is coming and it could be within this decade or the next, but rest assured it is coming.
Many of the reports and research shows that cutting down trees is much worse on the environment than anyone realizes, as it turns out trees hold twice as much carbon as once thought and they take CO2 and convert it into oxygen.
Of course, we do not hear much about this in the newspaper because, well, newspapers are made out of trees! As interesting as that tidbit is, it's hardly the reason for this article.
The issue is that very few people actually read the newspapers anymore, rather they might read one or two stories and scan the rest of the headlines, meaning they are only reading the headlines and not the articles.
Why do they do this? Well, reading taxes the mind and their minds are now formatted to take in information rapidly, under the rapid-fire click-happy new way of the world; the Internet.
Unfortunately, it makes a lot of human know-it-alls, who no nothing more than the sensationalized headlines, and that my friends is the real problem, I hope you will think on this and read more about this issue, without scanning.
Real interesting article in The Atlantic, something to think about: http://www.
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