Top Tips For Choosing the Right Conservatory For Your Home

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When you add a conservatory to your house you are creating a whole new space in your home which can completely change the way you use the rest of your property.
Choosing the right style and structure is a big decision and with so many varied conservatories to choose from, you need to carefully consider some of the key aspects such as size, shape and construction materials.
Below are some top tips to help you make the right decision.
Decide how large you want it to be.
The size of your conservatory will depend on how you plan to use it.
If the conservatory is intended to be used as a sun room for reading and relaxing in then it will be much smaller than if it's going to be incorporated into the kitchen layout and act as a dining area.
Don't forget that when you measure your area, you are measuring the internal floor space of your conservatory.
Most suppliers will quote you for the external area and include the space taken up by the walls in the quote.
The shape can vary massively and your choice will come down to a combination of personal preference and what will complement the shape of your house.
By choosing a shape which enhances the proportions of your home, you are adding an extra space and creating an attractive design feature.
As with the size of your conservatory, the shape will depend on what you use the room for.
If you want to fit a table in then the conservatory will need to be longer than if you plan to have a sofa suite in the room.
Speak to suppliers about the materials available to help you select the right one for your project.
When you decide on the material, you should also ensure that it will complement the rest of your house.
The same is true for the colour choice you make, conservatories should look like a natural extension of your home.
By selecting features such as creatively shaped windows or unusual construction materials you can make a subtle design statement without compromising the overall look.
In warm weather, a conservatory can be a real sun trap and add extra warmth to your home.
In winter though, if your conservatory has not been constructed properly or out of the correct materials then you can lose heat and your energy bills can potentially soar.
The more money you spend on the right glazing system, insulation materials and roofing, the more warmth you'll retain in cooler months.
Once your conservatory is built you could invest in some energy saving blinds which will help retain even more warmth.
Before you get the builders in, check if you need planning permission to have a conservatory built.
When you're ready for construction to begin make sure you ask for at least three quotes so you have an idea of what's competitive.
Meeting the builders who will be working on your conservatory is a great idea as you'll be seeing them every day so it's important to get on with them and feel comfortable voicing your requirements.
If you consider all these points when you choose your conservatory then you're well on your way to making a great decision.
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