5 Factors That May Affect Your Baby"s Development

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There could be nothing as beautiful as the pleasure of being a mother.
However, for the expecting mothers, it is important to know that it is not only after the baby is born, the care needs to be taken - you should know about the factors which can affect the fetus development.
In case, you are ignorant about the same or you don't take the necessary steps, unfortunately your child would be paying of the same.
There are factors that contribute to the fatal development that must be known to an expecting mother, or a lady that is planning to have a baby.
To start with the most important thing for the fetal development is the food that you eat.
You are not only eating for yourself but you are feeding the fetus as well.
Thus, it is indispensable that you should have all the required components that would bring together a balanced diet.
As each component would be contributing in a significant way while the fetus is developing.
In case, absorption of these nutrients is not possible through food for some reasons- supplements should be considered.
An expecting lady should not be smoking even if she is a chain smoker.
Forget about active smoking, if passive smoking can be dangerous to people around you while you smoke, the affect of the same could be analyzed well when you are smoking.
In fact, you should discourage people who are smoking when you are there as then your fetus would be passively smoking as well.
The idea is to keep away from smoke.
Being exposed to the same would result in the baby being below the birth weight and other health concerns for the baby.
The same goes for consuming alcohol and drugs.
The impact of smoking would be 3 on a scale of 1-5, 5 being the highest -drugs and alcohol could hinder the fetus development at as much as 4.
5 or 5 for that matter.
Smoking, drinking and using drugs should be a big no if you are expecting a baby.
Prenatal care is indispensable for fetal development.
Regular checkups, going to the doctor and following the advice is the least you could do to make sure that your baby is healthy.
Also, paying regular visits to the doctor would help to bring any complication to the surface.
The fact that, in case there is any complication or symptom which could disturb the fetal development could be taken care at early stages, without affecting the health of the baby.
In case you are above 35, you need to take extra care around everything.
There is a certain age for the women's body to be able to produce baby.
With the increased modern day pressure, ladies are getting expecting much later than the body expects.
The ideal time of being a mother should be in the 20's and not in the latter 30's and early 40's.
However, with extra care and precautions, it can be taken care off.
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