Entertaining Food Ideas

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    • Serve up easy to prepare food your guests will enjoy.party food image by Bartlomiej Nowak from Fotolia.com

      When entertaining, the food you serve has the power to help make the event a success. While you want to serve your guests foods they enjoy, spending all your time preparing and serving the food can spoil your fun, even if everyone else is having a great time. Look for entertaining food ideas that will dazzle your guests without costing you a significant amount of time. Another consideration is storage. Streamline your event by selecting items that are easy to store and easy to serve.

    Crab Dip

    • Make a crab dip and use it as two appetizers at your party. Use imitation crabmeat, an affordable option to real crabmeat, and chances are, your guests won't know the difference. After dicing your crabmeat into small pieces, add an equal amount of cream cheese and a dash of Worcestershire sauce. In a food processor, add crabmeat first, and then the cream cheese and Worcestershire sauce. Serve a portion of the dip on a decorative platter surrounded by crackers. With the other portion, liberally spread the dip onto one side of a flour tortilla, and roll up tightly, sticking a little extra dip into the ends of the roll. Wrap each tortilla roll with plastic wrap, and refrigerate until the party. When ready to serve, remove the plastic wrap and slice the roll into little circles.

    Cheese Ball

    • While you can purchase cheese balls in the grocery store, a homemade cheese ball is often more impressive in appearance and taste. Make the cheese ball a day or so before your event, so it has time to harden. Serve the cheese ball on a round platter, surrounded by an assortment of crackers. Place a small appetizer knife on the plate, to make it easier for your guests to serve themselves. There are a number of cheese balls recipes, yet the general process involves combining cream cheese with several soft cheeses and seasonings, blending well and shaping into a ball. Cover the cheese ball with plastic wrap and place in the refrigerator to firm up. After the ball is firm, carefully remove it from the refrigerator and roll the ball on a cookie sheet covered with crushed walnuts and parsley, until chopped nuts cover the entire cheese ball. Refrigerate, covered in plastic wrap, until ready to serve. One trick in making the cheese ball is to coat your hands in butter before shaping or handling the ball of cheese.


    • A basic quesadilla is cheese melted between two flour tortillas, and then cut into wedges. You can also add other foods, such as chopped onions, shredded chicken, salsa or diced peppers. When entertaining, quesadilla serve a variety of purposes. They are one food that most children will love, giving those picky eaters at the party something to munch. They take very little time to prepare, and by keeping the basic ingredients on hand, you always have something to serve unexpected guests. To make quick quesadilla: lay a flour tortilla on a plate, sprinkle grated cheese over the tortilla, top with two more tortillas, and sprinkle some more grated cheese over the top tortilla. Microwave the tortillas until the cheese melts, and cut the layers into triangle shapes.

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