How to Return a Used Car Within 24 Hours in Florida

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    • 1). Attempt to do as thorough examination of the vehicle as possible before purchase. If you are not very familiar with the signs of damage or problems then attempt to bring along someone who is such as a mechanic. The Florida Highway and Safety department provides a free checklist if needed (See References). If the dealer or seller seems hesitant to allow an inspection, then be cautious of making the purchase from them.

    • 2). Observe signs posted at the dealership and read the contract thoroughly. Most used vehicles are considered "as is" upon purchase. If the dealer does not imply a return policy or any warranty coverage on the vehicle then there is none.

    • 3). Ensure with the dealer that there is the opportunity to cancel the sale and return the vehicle in the case of certain conditions. Mechanical defects, financial obligations, or buyer's remorse may be reasons that both parties can agree on that would allow the car to be returned within 24 hours of purchase. Do not assume that the car can be returned without confirming it with the seller.

    • 4). Keep a copy of all receipts and contracts to ensure proof of everything agreed upon with the seller. Ensure that the conditions or option to return the car are written into the contract or separately and signed by both parties. Also ensure there is an agreed upon time line of when the vehicle can be returned.

    • 5). Contact the dealer or seller immediately if there are any issues with the vehicle and that you intend to return it immediately. When returning the vehicle, ensure the vehicle is in the same condition as purchased with all items that were provided at sale still in the vehicle. Speak with the same person you dealt with when buying the vehicle and present signed documentation as proof of agreement. Ensure cancellation documentation has been signed, and if you financed it, ensure that loan has been canceled.

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