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Many people learn guitar online nowadays, mostly because it's much cheaper and comfortable then attending classes or having a tutor that does everything to spoil all the fun of learning this beautiful instrument.
But, if you are to start learning guitar on your own there are several obstacles to overcome, at least in the beginning.
Two of these impediments that any "young" guitarist that wants to learn guitar online must beat, are hand independence and stamina.
So firstly, I'm going to show some stamina improvement exercises, for those that chose to learn guitar online.
As I play guitar just for amusement, not making a career out of it, I like to practice with my favourite songs.
But practicing on certain songs, like "Master of Puppets" by Metallica for example, brought me such pain in my picking wrist that I felt like throwing the guitar away.
So, as I was looking for solutions, I found out that for guitar is not enough to practice on songs or chords, a certain workout is also necessary.
The so called workout for guitar can be done in two ways.
The first thing you can do is find a song or a part of a song that you can easily play, which brings a certain stress to your hands, arms and body.
Even if you don't like it, practice with this song until your muscles get used to it and you gain resistance.
Another thing that can be done, even if this has nothing to do with playing a guitar, is to literally workout by lifting weights to improve your arm muscles.
The more muscle you have, the more stamina you will get.
Also, it's very important to know, that for playing guitar you need to find a position as comfortable as possible, to minimize the stress on every little muscle involved.
You also might want to reconsider the shape or size of your instrument, because that might be as well, a cause to the pain during practice.
Another aspect anyone that wants to learn guitar online should consider, is hand independence.
Of course, not many have a very good independence, and to be honest, I was horrific at it, in the beginning.
To improve your hand independence here's what you should basically do.
Firstly, identify your weaknesses and flaws and attack them directly.
For this, it's best to create your own exercises.
For example, here are a few exercises that I used to practice with.
Play the same line in unison with both hands, hold a bass note with the left hand while playing a piece with the right hand, adding new bass notes as you get better at it, but most important, as you construct your exercise, sit down and decide what exactly you want to hear from your guitar.
If you have the whole piece condensed into your brain, it will be much easier.
I hope my exercises for stamina and hand independence helped with your guitar practice.
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