Maytag Electric Dryer Identification

104 50

    4.0 Cubic Feet

    • Maytag offers the Compact Front Load Electric 4.0 Cubic feet dryer, which is a small dryer measuring only 23 ½ inches wide by 23 ¾ inches deep by 34 inches high. It comes with four leveling legs, which are 7/8 inches high. It features the QuietSeries 3000 technology, which reduces the amount of noise that you hear while your dryer is running. This dryer is only available in white.

    6.7/6.8 Cubic Feet

    • The dryers in this series hold between 6.7 and 6.8 cubic feet of laundry, and they are between 27 and 29 inches wide. These dryers are available in either silver or white. For example, the MEDE200XW model holds up to 6.7 cubic feet of material, and it measures 27 inches wide by 36 inches high by 29 inches deep. It features the IntelliDry sensor technology, which monitors the amount of moisture in your clothing to ensure that they don't over-dry. It comes with six temperature settings and nine washing cycles.


    • These dryers hold between 7.0 and 7.2 cubic feet, and these dryers are between 27 and 29 inches wide. For example, the MEDC300XW white dryer holds up to 7.0 cubic feet, and its dimensions are 29 inches wide and 27 13/16 inches deep. It has 10 drying cycles, including an anti-wrinkle drying setting, and it comes with the Smooth Balance Suspension System, which keeps the dryer from vibrating. The available colors for these dryers range from white to red to oxide(dark gray).


    • The 7.3 and 7.4 models are the largest capacity dryers offered by Maytag, and these dryers have special features like glass doors so you can check on your clothing. These dryers are available in colors like white, oxide and red, and they are available in widths between 27 and 29 inches wide. The MED7000XG Maxima Electric Dryer comes with the EcoConserve technology, which uses less energy than traditional dryers. It features static reduction and timed drying cycles, and it shows you the progress of your clothing on the display. The dimensions of this dryer are 27 inches wide by 31 1/8 inches deep by 38 inches high.

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