A Healthy Ride, Both Inside and Out - Cold Air Intakes & Floor Mats

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A healthy ride is a lot easier and more fun to maintain than a healthy body.
Upgrading your vehicle's performance and protecting it from wear and tear requires no working out, flossing or bending over and coughing.
In fact, you can create a healthy ride with two simple add-ons: cold air intakes and floor mats.
Since it's what's under the hood that counts, we'll start there.
The more air your engine receives, the higher the output.
But the difference you'll find between a stock air intake system and its aftermarket counterpart is huge.
Cold air intake systems provide an increase in the amount of oxygen used for combustion with fuel.
Most stock intakes are constructed with numerous twists, turns and chambers in an effort to stifle the sound coming into your cockpit.
Unfortunately, this design greatly restricts airflow.
Aftermarket air intake systems, like the Ram intake system, completely replace your stock components.
In doing so, they provide a smoother pathway for air to enter the engine and allow for the greatest improvement to overall horsepower and torque of any other performance upgrade.
Specific enhancements include: increased torque, a 1 - 2 miles per gallon bump in fuel economy (if you don't go hog-wild on the throttle), and an increase of 5 - 11 horsepower.
Last but not least, you'll enjoy a throatier rumble to your engine at higher RPMs.
While the installation process differs considerably from vehicle to vehicle, most mount up in about an hour -- some even go on in as little as 10 minutes.
Most kits come complete with step-by-step instructions and only require basic hand tools, providing the ideal performance upgrade for the do-it-yourselfer.
Now that you've got performance taken care of, the second key to a healthy ride is protection.
Keep those stock floorboards looking new or cover up the stains that have already made themselves at home in your interior with a solid set of performance-grade floor mats.
They're computer-designed for a precise, custom fit that provides maximum coverage and protection without obstructing your floor controls.
Many floor mats, like Husky floor mats, feature tall outer ridges for containing the spills that result from stopping too quickly and other messes that can quickly ruin your interior, such as rain, mud, snow and sand.
Also known as a car mat, floor mats are constructed of heavy-duty rubberized thermo-plastic and other durable materials and come in 1-piece or 2-piece designs, perfectly tailored to your specific needs and the layout of your interior without covering up your floor controls.
Best of all, they're a snap to pull out and hose off when they get soiled.
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