Class A Motorhomes & Travel Trailers Report Steady Sales For 2010

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The recession isn't over.
Many believe the RV industry is an indicator for the economy at large, and while their sales numbers have increased significantly over 2009's numbers, it's not a given that sales will continue to grow.
However, reports through the first quarter of 2009 are showing that the initial spike in sales after the new year are continuing and there is hope that the worst of the recession has passed.
March boasted 24,000 RV units sent to dealerships and retailers.
RVIA commissioned an independent manufacturer survey.
The results were an increase in sales of 19.
4% from the previous month and an astonishing 87.
5% above March of last year.
Sales are staying strong and averaging double the amount sold at the same time last year.
Towables and lightweight travel trailers have gained popularity, staying true to trends reported at tradeshows throughout the year.
New designs create less friction while being pulled and end up resulting in savings at the gas tank.
Their ability to be hitched onto any size vehicle has increased their appeal greatly.
The concept of lightweight came as a response to the new environmentally minded traveler who is looking for less gas consumption, while having a comfortable shelter at campsites and campgrounds.
Pop-ups and towables are a less expensive initial purchase and require less fuel for travel.
Not to be outdone, Class A Motorhomes are holding their ground.
Sales are up more than 50% over last year.
These luxurymobiles offer incredible accommodations with bedrooms, entertainment systems, living areas and custom kitchens.
Some even have bathtubs.
These units allow plenty of room for family and friends.
Plus you can travel with as much adventure gear as you like.
Next month, June 2010 has been declared the official RV Centennial Celebration month.
During this period, expect to see RV enthusiasts and RV companies express their love and dedication to one of the most American methods of travel.
GoRving and RVIA are ramping up advertising and awareness through social media.
Indiana, Iowa and Louisiana have all made RV Centennial Celebration Month official and Florida is in a holding pattern as to whether or not the vote will pass there.
The timing is perfect for a Centennial celebration.
On the heels of a rough economic year, the RV industry can use all the positive awareness it can get.
Exposure is spreading throughout the country with advertising spots and word of mouth.
The next couple of months will be the real proof as to how well the economy is doing.
Summer is the RV Industry's busiest time.
Campgrounds are gearing up for a busy couple of months, and RV enthusiasts are dusting off their RVs and getting them ready to hit the road.
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