Swtor Planet – Balmorra

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Balmorra was a factory world and it was located within the Nevoota system. It is situated in the colonies region at the border of the Core Worlds. It is surrounded by wide plains. The planet's capital is Bin Prime.

Balmorra had seen peace after the Treaty of Coruscant. The planet of Balmorra is located in the Colonies Region and is aligned independently. Currently it is occupied by the Empire. The war torn plains are full of skirmishes between them and the locals. The Empire here takes interest in the manufacturing activities. They led the galaxy in all types of advanced droid and weapons creation helps the republic with their arms. They are now forced to live under the Empire as they occupy this space. The workers suffer under a full imperial occupational force.

The early history reveals that Balmorra was claimed by Jedi and sith forces in the early days. There was a war and Balmorra joined the republic. Later it broke under the leadership of Fleeko Mortaz a Jedi King. He builds centres for gungans. Later he left Balmorra and decided to return again to a different rulership.

Balmorra was later on colonized in the infancy of the Republic. It became a harbour for some of the most prolific manufactures of fearsome weaponry and battle droids in the galaxy. The terrible military asset together with the planet's strategic location close to the Core Worlds has kept Balmorra in a constant state of war. Keeping in view the weapons of war manufactured on the planet, the Sith Empire decided to take Balmorra. To aid Balmorra, the Galactic Republic sent soldiers to aid them and fight to preserve their independence.

As the war continued, the strained Republic could no longer afford to spend its forces on Balmorra. The Republic troops were pulled off of the world so that they can be deployed elsewhere in the galaxy. Under the Treaty of Coruscant the Republic was forced to officially end its support of Balmorra. A small Republic force was left on the planet to help them but Balmorra knew that they have been abandoned. In doing so the Empire was not in a position to take full control of Balmorra.

Inspite of the treaty and after many years a regrouped and rebuilt Republic is testing the limits of their delicate peace with the Empire.  It has sent back the reinforcement they had pulled off the planet much year before. The Balmorrans are accepting the help from the Republic they do nothing to hide their resentment at having been abandoned much years before. The Sith Empire is intensifying their existence on the planet and claims the weapons of Balmorra so that an end can be put to the conflict.
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