How to Make the Light Switch Operate From an Outlet

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    • 1). Turn off the electricity to the circuit you will be using.

    • 2). Locate the power receptacle at the end of the run by finding the outlet that has just one set of wires leading to it and a pair of empty screw terminals.

    • 3). Make the cuts for the new switch box and fixture. Make sure the fixture hole is large enough to insert a junction box and support bar to hold the fixture. Above the switch hole make a small (1-by-2 inch) hole where the wall and ceiling meet to feed the wires across the ceiling. Make a similar hole above the power receptacle.

    • 4). Attach the switch box to the drywall, the junction box to the brace bar and affix the bar to the joists above the ceiling using wood screws. Do not rely on the ceiling to support the junction box and fixture. If the fixture is not too heavy, attach the junction box to just one joist without the brace bar.

    • 5). Run the wires from the receptacle to the junction box by feeding the fish tape through the wall/ceiling hole across the ceiling to the junction box. Attach the two-wire NM cable to the fish tape and pull it back toward you. Drop this wire down to the receptacle box. Leave about 8 inches of wire exposed at the junction box.

    • 6). Run the wires from the switch box to the junction box following the same process as above. Wrap a piece of electrical tape around each end of the white wire to re-code it as a hot wire.

    • 7). Attach the wires to the brass screw terminals on the light switch and affix the switch to the switch box. Attach the green ground wire to the ground screw on the switch.

    • 8). Connect the wires at the fixture junction box. Using plastic connectors, join the black wire from the switch to the fixture’s black wire. Join the taped white wire to the black wire from the power receptacle and join the white wire from the receptacle to the white wire on the fixture. Join all green ground wires together.

    • 9). Connect the wires at the power receptacle by attaching the black wire to the brass screw terminal and the white wire to the silver terminal. Attach the ground wire to the receptacle’s ground screw.

    • 10

      Hang the fixture according to the manufacturer’s instructions and patch the access holes with the drywall patch kit.

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