Your Job As a Waiter

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Waiting on tables is not an easy job.
Remember that when you work as a waiter you main objective is to keep the customers happy.
It's not just a matter of delivering their orders, catering to their every need but you also have to deal with complains and difficult customers.
At this point you have to have wit, patience and the resilience to work long difficult hours.
Knowing how to communicate well and being a people person is a plus factor in getting hired.
You don't necessarily have to be a college graduate to be hired as a waiter.
There are some vocational schools that can train you how to be a professional waiter.
You don't know it but there is the right way to open a bottle of champagne without spilling it.
And you have to know the right way to pour the wine in a glass or serve the dish from the right side of the customer to avoid accidental spillage.
As a waiter you will have to undergo some kind of training and briefing from your supervisor or captain waiter before restaurant hours begin.
Ideally a waiter is assigned to every table of ten diners.
Just imagine the work load of a really big restaurant.
If you are understaffed, waiters will have to cover more than one or two tables.
Waiters earn on a salary basis plus tips and service charge.
They are promoted according to their length of tenure and work experience.
They could rank up to becoming a Captain Waiter managing and training several neophyte waiters under them.
Depending on the food business or restaurant they got hired with, waiters with the right training and length of experience can be promoted to the rank of Restaurant managers.
There is a large demand for waiters locally and overseas.
You can also work in hotels and cruise ships.
On the side, if you are qualified, you can work as an instructor for short courses in food serving.
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