How to Treat Chronic Tailbone Pain

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    • 1). Buy a donut pillow or cushion. People who suffer from chronic tailbone pain are normally unable to sit for long periods. Since we have to sit for many activities, sufferers ought to invest in a special cushion. Coccyx pillows are designed for tailbone pain. These cushions feature an opening that takes pressure off the tailbone.

    • 2). Take anti-inflammatory medication. Often, inflammation causes chronic tailbone pain. Over-the-counter anti-inflammatory drugs are effective. If these don’t offer relief, talk to a doctor and ask for a prescription anti-inflammatory medication.

    • 3). If your tailbone pain doesn’t respond to medication, make an appointment with a spinal doctor. He will likely order X-rays or an MRI, which takes images of your coccyx bone and will help him determine the underlying cause of the pain.

    • 4). Get a steroid injection. Sometimes, chronic tailbone pain doesn’t have a specific cause. Rather, it’s the result of poor posture or prolonged sitting. In either case, the condition normally requires a stronger medication. If necessary, a doctor can inject a steroid into your tailbone. This treats the inflammation and stops the pain.

    • 5). Apply ice or cold packs to the tailbone. Cold and heat therapies are effective methods of treatment. Ice packs are ideal for tailbone pain caused by injury. Heat therapy is recommended for chronic pain.

    • 6). Practice good posture and stay on your feet. Tailbone pain is curable. However, it can take up to 2 years to heal an injured tailbone. During the healing period, pay attention to your posture. Sit with your back straight and lean forward. This position takes pressure off your tailbone and speeds the healing process. In addition, stay away from long road trips or any activity that necessitates prolonged sitting.

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