Advice on Home Cleaning & Organization

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    • Do a little bit each day. Marla Cilley of the Flylady website says, "Baby steps will get you there." Begin with the area which is bothering you the most, suggests organizer Ramona Creel.

    Organizing Basics

    • Discard or donate as many items as possible before trying to organize what's left. "Remember: You cannot organize clutter -- you can only organize the things you love!" Cilley admonishes.

    Cleaning Basics

    • Pick up items around the house and put them away as you go from room to room throughout the day. Keep cleaning supplies in the kitchen and all bathrooms.


    • Create daily cleaning routines so dishes and laundry don't pile up. Don't let clutter in the door. "Just because it's free, cheap, or a bargain doesn't mean you want it or need it," writes professional organizer Vali Heist.


    • Avoid perfectionism at all costs. Actually completing something good is better than being stuck in your tracks with only perfectionist intentions. Grow your self-esteem and realize that often, "good" is just fine.

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