Tapestry Wall Hangings- Home Care for Tapestry and Handmade Wall Hangings

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The art of tapestry and handmade weavers has decorated walls from the antediluvian times to present time. Approx 3rd BC, the trace of Tapestry Wall Hangings are founds.  If we in deeply, at the ancient times, the Kings carry Tapestries with them along as they moved from one place to another to expand their empires. Mostly these tapestries were used as Tapestry Wall Hangings to decorate Kings Empire and for insulation purposes. That times the woven art known as emblems of royalty and authority. Hunting scenes, scenes from coronation, religious and mythological iconography, were some of commonly seen imagery on the Tapestry Wall Hangings back then.

One thing is always remember that these things have to care. For maintain its rich colors, its fabric and extra careful while cleaning them. Let's take a look at how to clean and maintain Handmade and Tapestry Wall Hangings.

Home Care for Tapestry Wall Hangings and Handmade Wall Hangings

•Mostly the old tapestry has a few creases. So you have to perform task of restoring them and take care of them after it.

•Do iron on your tapestry to remove creases, place it flat on the ironing board and cover it with a soft cloth. Make sure the area you will be ironing is well covered.

•If the tapestry hanging on the walls for a long time, it becomes a host for spiders, dust and other tiny flying bugs. Remove these by damp cloth and vacuum cleaner.

•When performing Vacuuming on tapestry do it safely and vacuum them on the front and back from time to time. It keep sits colors looking vibrant and fresh.

•To stop any kind of dirt and grime the Framing are best way. Framing offer precaution from the any water leakages that may pervade it through the walls.

•Always use lukewarm water as extreme hot water or cold water when washing them.

•Remember, drying tapestry in indirect sunlight because the direct sunlight will fade the colors of your fabric.

However, if they get any type of stained, prepare a solution of soap and water and rub it over the stain with good fabric, to get rid of it. Use of apple cider vinegar and water also help you remove the tough stains on them. The exquisite pieces of artwork have to be cleaned, repaired and restored, just the way carpets and rugs are. So car of these item are necessary because they offers an attractive look to homes and favorite places.
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