How to Make Healthy Shakes For Weight Loss

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During the hot and humid months during the year, there is nothing more soothing than a healthy shake especially if you are in the midst of trying to lose weight.
There are a million healthy shakes for weight loss out there containing natural ingredients from the grocery store or even supplements from your local nutritional supplement shop.
Either way, there is no doubt these shakes are one of the best components to have in any weight loss diet.
One of the best ingredients to include in your healthy shake is low-fat yogurt.
It does not make a difference if you are making a water based shake or dairy based diet shake, a little yogurt is a must have ingredient to obtain a nice creamy consistency to your healthy diet shake.
Now here are 4 different tried, tested and proven healthy shakes for weight loss.
Just give each of them a quick mix and whirl in the blender: Strawberry-Orange-Banana Healthy Shake Recipe: •2 cups of orange juice •1 or 2 whole bananas - slice them up evenly •1 cup of strawberries •1 cup of ice •1 small container of banana-strawberry low fat yogurt Mandarin-Mango Healthy Shake Recipe: •2 cans of mandarin orange pieces •2 full mangoes- slice them up as thinly as possible •1 cup of ice.
•Some protein supplements from the nutrition store - follow instructions as directed •1 small container of mango flavoured low fat yogurt Berry Berry Special Healthy Shake Recipe: • 1/2 cup of cranberry juice • 1/2 cup of apple juice • 1/2 - 3/4 cup of strawberries • 1/2 - 3/4 cup of blueberries • 1/2 - 3/4 cup of raspberries • 1 whole banana - sliced evenly • 1 small container of blueberry or strawberry low fat yogurt Banana-Chocolate-Vanilla Healthy Shake Recipe: •1 whole frozen banana - sliced up evenly before freezing it • 1 teaspoon of vanilla • 1 cup of skim milk • 1 teaspoon of Splenda •1 teaspoon of cocoa powder • 1 small container of plain or vanilla low fat yogurt The procedure required for each of the recipe provided above is exactly the same and very easy as all you need to do is know how to use a blender and just blend all the ingredients up until they form a nice smooth consistency.
Right after that pour it into a chilled glass for a better and more enjoyable effect.
A simple normal glass will also do if you do not like your shake too cold.
Not only do these shakes help you lose weight in a healthy manner but it is also guaranteed to taste delicious.
So now you know exactly how to make healthy shakes for weight loss.
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