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Bob Jensen
Bob Jensen is a noted Midwest outdoor writer and host of television’s “Fishing The Midwest.” In his columns, Jensen demonstrates and teaches anglers around the country some of his favorites techniques for catching fish in certain months of the year. Jensen’s columns focus on aspects of fishing and other general advice specific to the mid western angler.

Articles by Bob Jensen:

  • End Of Season Ice Fishing
    Bob says late season ice fishing is some of the best of the year and gives some tips on where to fish and how to find the fish.
  • Summer Fishing
    Bob gives some tips on why summer fishing is good and how to use the heat to catch more fish.
  • Fishing The Weedline
    Bob Jensen explains which weedlines are best to fish, baits to use fishing them and how to fish those baits.
  • Slip Bobbers For More Fish
    Sometimes the simple tools of fishing are overlooked by fishermen. Bob Jensen explains how using bobbers can help you catch more fish and he tells how to decide which kind of bobber you need to use. If yoiu are fishing for panfish check out Bob's suggestions and see if they help you catch more fish.
  • Landing Nets: Better For The Fish And The Fisherman
    Landing nets can help you land a fish but they do have some drawbacks. Bob Jensen explains the benefits of using a landing net and how it helps the fisherman and the fish. He also tells how to use a net so you won't lose the fish because of the net.

  • Late Ice Panfishing
    Bob Jensen says it is too early to put up your ice fishing gear when pike season ends. That is the teim to target late ice panfish. They offer fast action and you can have fun catching them. They are also very tasty!
  • Selecting An Ice Fishing Shelter
    Bob Jensen explains there are three ways to fo ice fishing - out in the open sitting on a bucket, in a portable shelter or in a permanant ice fishing house. Each has its advantages. His suggestions will help you decide which kind is best for your type of fishing.
  • Ice Fishing Tips
    Bob Jensen gives some tips for early ice fishing. He says you should get on the ice as soon as it is safe but don't try to be the first one out there. With new ice it is important to be quiet and careful and fishing from a house works better.
  • Open Water Fishing Tips
    Bob Jensen says you can improve your odds of catching walleye after ice-out if you use planer boards and experiment. Use his ideas and see if they help you catch more walleye.
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