Is Lap Band Surgery Permanent Like Gastric Bypass?

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For starters, a gastric bypass should never be considered permanent as it is possible to be reversed should the need arise.
As for the lap band procedure it is an easily reversed procedure that features an expandable saline filled band that is attached to the patient's stomach and at any time it may be removed without any complications.
In the normal gastric bypass surgery the stomach is stapled in order to form a small pouch around the size of an egg.
After the stomach pouch is made, the surgeon will then cut the small intestines and then reattach them to form a "Y" shape before attaching the open end to the new stomach pouch.
In the lap band procedure all that is done is that the surgeon will wrap an expandable band around the stomach creating a smaller space in which to allow food which will be digested.
With the lap band procedure there is no need to deal with the pain associated with overeating nor is there the problem of chronic dumping syndrome.
This band is then filled with a saline solution and will have a nozzle which will be placed near the surface of the skin and allow the surgeon to adjust the band by either drawing out some of the saline solution or by adding more.
Because this surgery is minimally invasive the recovery period is very quick and in the event that it is necessary to remove the lap band, another minimally invasive procedure can be done to remove it.
Unlike a gastric bypass though, the success rate is much lower due to the patient still being able to eat more food without the worry of pain or chronic dumping syndrome.
It is important that any person who decides to go with a lap band procedure must be fully committed to results as there are no real side effects if you fail to adhere to your new diet or exercise routine.
Please check with your surgeon to determine if you will qualify for this procedure.
He or she will be able to make the best judgment of qualification in order for you to ask your medical insurance company if they will cover the procedure.
Most insurance companies will cover both the lap band and the gastric bypass as long as the patient qualifies for the procedure.
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