Allergies Gone Forever

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When the liver becomes disabled it no longer is capable of performing its functions properly and as result we become sensitive from plastic chairs to flowers and grass.
If the bile ducts of the liver are clogged all sorts of issues can arise allergies being only one of them.
Sometimes the bile duct is clogged with a sheep liver fluke - it actually lives in the bile duct.
If enough are clogging the bile ducts and it spills over into the intestine then you will experience the worst case of allergies you could ever imagine.
The body, in some cases, can take care of theses culprits with its own resources.
And when they leave the body they will come out in the bowel.
You will see little black threads that are the eggs.
You can kill these flukes with a Rife Digital Zapper, (frequency generator) or the Zapper MHz.
Also you must avoid food molds, and remove the dental work that has mercury in them.
You also must do the parasite, kidney and liver cleanse.
If you have too many flukes present in the liver then the liver can't do its job, which is to detoxify the chemicals and food taken into the body.
The natural chemicals in food need to be detoxified in addition to the toxins and other things we are exposed to.
There are other flukes in the liver, i.
, human liver fluke, less of a problem.
However, anything that is lodged in the bile ducts, cholesterol, whatever it is will cause problems.
Clark says, "The bile duct system is a gigantic tree with lots of interconnecting branches.
Remember how "stringy" liver can be when you buy it in the grocery store.
These strings are bile ducts.
When one is obstructed, others take over its job.
But when a whole section of the liver gets obstructed and it can't detoxify a whole set of chemicals you dare not get those chemicals into you again.
" And if you do get some chemicals or toxins in the system and the liver is not healthy enough to deal with it then they will spread throughout the body.
They will find their way through to various organs including the brain.
Now that they are in the brain they will attach and then you have an "allergic reaction".
Even with the most extreme allergies - if you kill the sheep liver fluke and any other flukes residing in the liver then you will be allergy free.
You can resolve this issue of allergies reasonably easily.
Use the parasite cleanse, and the zapper or a frequency generator such as a Rife machine.
At the end of this article there will be links for information on the parasite cleanse and the zapper.
Solvents from environmental toxins are also residing in the body it is one of the things that allows the flukes to get into the liver.
So, make sure you remove all solvents, so you don't continue to re-infect yourself and begin by eliminating propyl alcohol and benzene.
It is the food processing that can put this into your system.
So, in addition to the parasite cleanse and the zapping, go completely organic with your food and drink.
Your food will taste better and you will feel better.
It's a little more money, but the lack of medical bills and allergy medication should make up for that.
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