The Musical Ensemble Of Baltimore String Quartet And Its Past

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String Quartets have been a popular way to not only entertain guests during the wedding ceremony but also entice the ambience of the ceremony. Now, though any variation of four stringed instruments can form a string quartet, the authentic one denotes a musical ensemble of two violins, one cello and one viola, just like the original compositions of a Baltimore String Quartet. They represent the four-movement form of the orchestra: a fast followed by a slow movement, a dance-like swing and again a fast movement. It does indeed sweeten the mood and feelings of the guests and hosts.

It would be delightful to have a speak-peak into the glorious past of the string quartet which became very popular in the late 1700s. Renowned composers such as Haydn wrote several compositions for them and in fact, his model of composition has now evolved into the standard string quartet base! One might have very well heard of famous composers such as Beethoven, Mozart, Haydn, Mendelssohn and even Schubert!

What exactly is a String Ensemble?

Very smoothly a combination of two violins, a cello and a viola can create a beautiful range of moods and textures right from the most subtle ones to full-bodied rich sounds! Try out the Maryland String Quartet for they have an excellent composition of their own based on the rich base of Haydn. String quartets can offer a wide range of musical genres for your wedding ceremony from popular current to traditional songs, theme tunes, jazz, show tunes, light music to the masterworks of romantic and classical periods.

Now while string quartets are the standard forms, most of the quartets can regroup and reframe to play a string trio or even a duo but they would be possible where the performance place is limited. One rule still exists that more the merrier; that is budget is not the issue, you could consider extending the ensemble into a full string quartet!

The Uses of String Quartets

Concert halls and theatres have been the hot spot of string quartets, especially the Virginia String Quartet which is meticulous in its composition and swings the internal moods of the listener. Apart from that, days today are witnessing an uproar in the demand for string quartets at birthday parties and weddings specifically. That is simply because their little instrumentation is quite enough for conversations and they can play both indoors and outdoors.

A competent string quartet such as the ones reachable in Baltimore or even Virginia has an established repertoire including contemporary, classical and current trends as well. They can also arrange a nice melody as per your requests. These qualified string quartets not only play classical tunes but also light, jazzy melodies during dinner and drinks. They also do not occupy much space and is certainly an ideal way of entertaining your guests and hosts during parties and weddings.

It may be a pleasure to know that these string quartets are totally mobile and they need no power supply; this is one reason they can be called anywhere and everywhere! Personalize your own melodies for your special day and hire the best in town.
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