Guaranteeing the Quality of the Annual Alaska Shellfish Harvest

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There are few lines of work as dangerous and intense as the commercial seafood harvest of shellfish every year in Alaska.
However, few exploits turn up such treasures as the Alaska King Crab or mammoth sea scallops harvested in the icy, pure waters off the coast of the 49th state.
The cooperation between the authorities appointed to monitor the fisheries and the fishing crews works for a variety of reasons, chief among them the fact that careful management will lead to a productive season the following year.
For the seafood connoisseur, Alaskan shrimp are known for their distinctively sweet flavor and tender meat.
Depending on where you live, these shrimp may have come a long way from the Aleutian Islands to your plate.
When you think about the commercial seafood harvest of Alaskan shrimp, you have to take into account the storage of massive amounts of product and conserving the catch before landing.
In many cases, this job is handled by machines designed to remove the shells and immediately freeze the shrimp on board.
While many people recommend against freezing seafood, it actually guarantees a better product.
Alaska scallops are another treasure of the annual commercial seafood harvest.
With authorities setting a limit of Total Allowable Catch every year, the following season's success is also guaranteed.
In terms of pure flavor and picturesque shells, there are few things as appealing as Alaskan scallops.
Unlike the smaller bay scallops served at times in restaurants, the sea scallops caught off the coast of Alaska are large and flavorful.
These are also packed and frozen on board the fishing boats to guarantee freshness at the end of the line, the consumer.
In terms of danger and epic qualities, there is no topping the Alaska King Crab fisheries.
Like some of the world's most desired natural species, the King Crab fishing crews run a high risk every time they take to the seas.
Of course, the prize is well worth it - the world's largest and most delicious crab.
Baited pots or traps are left at buoys to signify the ownership and boats sweep the area periodically.
As with any other Alaska fishery, the authorities are never far off to ensure the strict state laws are being adhered to.
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