Nurse Practitioner Job Description

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The nurse practitioner job description involves qualified personnel who have the capacity to take care of ill patients on a professional level.
The educational level needs to meet the needs of the hospital as well as the exposure to the real life situation.
What does the nurse practitioner do? The nurse practitioner has the responsibility of admitting the patient once they arrive at the hospital other in the critical state or mild state.
Not every person who walks in the hospital is sick since some only want consultative services but they also need the attention of the hospital.
The nurse takes time to register them and find out the problems they have.
If the person is in critical state like in cases of emergencies like pregnancy, accidents or stoke, they need urgent assistance hence the need for the doctor's attention.
When the patient needs consultation, they find out the issues they have and direct them to the relevant doctor.
The nurse practitioner has the responsibility of conducting tests and exams as directed by the doctor.
They assist the laboratory attendants in giving out the samples that the doctor has requested, take temperatures, and record all the details of the scans on the client sheet for the doctor to make an analysis and determine the way forward.
When a patient is in critical state, they need to monitor all the changes and ensure they get the best care through recording all the details based on their behavior change in temperatures and reactions for the doctor to make an informed decision.
Services offered by nurses The nurse practitioner has the knowledge to interpret the different drugs issued to the patient by the doctor.
They need to explain to the clients what they will do in the body, the number of times they need to take it and the effects it will have in the body.
It is not the duty of the nurse to give out the medication but the doctor has the right to indicate the drugs the patient will take and the nurse passes on the message to the clients.
The nurse practitioner has the chance to offer advice and consultation services to the patient.
Some patients have lost hope in life due to the diseases attacking them, others that are out of ignorance or caused by evil people.
In such cases, the nurses need to give hope and assist them to get back on track examples of the consultation services include rape victims, family planning advice, food and nutrition and personal hygiene.
People who need therapeutic assistance due to accidents get the help from the nurses in the therapy sessions to enable them get back to their normal condition.
The nurse practitioners job is very demanding hence the need to make sure that there is professionalism, accuracy and the right reporting structure to enable the patient get the best services.
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