Who Ever Heard of a Woman Losing Weight - and Enjoying 3 Delicious Meals at the Same Time?

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For many women losing weight can seem like a huge challenge especially if you have been on many diets in the past.
You may have succeeded and felt great with the results however you are now back to your current weight due to circumstances or lifestyle habits that have occurred.
In this article I want to share with you a story of a women who lost weight and dropped 8 dress sizes going from a dress size 12 down to a dress size 4 and she did all of this while enjoying 3 delicious meals at the same time.
First I will inform you of her old lifestyle she is a busy woman working in a full-time job, juggling motherhood with her children, managing her husband and family life.
She is also studying part-time and spends a lot of time sitting at a desk while at work and at home at night.
Her biggest frustration is no time to exercise and no motivation to stick to a program.
Her self image and achievement are important to her as she wants to be a great role model for her children and wants a more balanced lifestyle.
She lives in a comfortable home and wakes up early in the morning eats breakfast fast or sometimes never use to have any breakfast, gets kids ready for school and off to work she goes.
Generally goes out for lunch as not enough time in the morning to make lunch, tries to be healthy however not much option when dining out or buying lunch from the bakery.
Activity level is low except for running around getting errands done.
At night enjoys sitting down with a glass of wine with her husband and relaxing after a hectic day.
Now the change, the women plans her workout schedule for the week and prioritizing this into her day to ensure she is being active and gaining some stress relief.
She plans her meals to enjoy delicious foods that are nourishing and fulfilling so her body is losing weight.
She eats 3 main meals and 2 snacks in between.
Here are some delicious meal options: Breakfast - Main Meal · Porridge · Muesli · Fruit Smoothie · Multi-grain bread toasted with tomato Snacks · Fruit · Yoghurt · Rice crackers · Muesli bars/Low-fat muffins Lunch - Main Meal · Tuna & Salad on wholemeal pita bread · Chicken/Turkey & Salad wholemeal bread roll · Baked Beans on wholemeal bread toasted · Sushi rolls Dinner - Main Meal · Lamb fillet with couscous and green vegetables · Chilli con carne with rice · Fish or salmon with jacket potato and salad · Pumpkin Risotto All of these options are delicious meals she enjoys at the same time losing weight combined with her new exercise routine and change of lifestyle.
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