New Leaders Needed!

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The story of Leadership has changed or has it? 2100 years ago it is written, "Similarly, encourage the young people to be self-controlled.
In everything set them an example by doing what is good.
In your teaching show integrity, seriousness and soundness of speech that cannot be condemned, so that those who oppose you may be ashamed because they have nothing bad to say about us".
Titus 2:6-8 Power of life Bible, TNIV.
This was Paul's instruction to Titus as he encourages Titus as a young pastor to lead a challenging Church.
Titus was encouraged with positive words to go forth and be a strong leader to unify multiple dreams, desires and visions does this sound familiar in organisations that you are aware of? Today we are not simply able to lead because we hold a position elected or appointed.
I have asked many times in leadership workshops, "who believes they are a Leader?" I am sure many presenters have asked the same question.
I get a number of dedicated hand raised in response, we wanted everyone to recognise themselves as leaders, based on the premise that we all influence others at some time in our daily lives.
Reality is not all are leaders, the response is indicative of how we feel about ourselves and our relationships.
Yes in the broadest possible context everyone should have put their hand up, everyone influence others daily to make a difference in the lives of family, friends and colleagues.
The hands down people question their leadership qualities in the context of their environment, they did not feel comfortable enough to raise their hands so maybe the initial number of hands raised is more representative of leadership in our businesses and communities.
I encourage more to question their potential as leaders, what is holding you back for raising your hand? Today more than ever is the time for Leaders to put their hands up to lead, lead with a culture and ideology of service.
Why service leadership? Apart from the fact that it has worked for 2100 years, leaders who can lead with vision and not just opinions, who have the communication ability to express their vision, inspiring, influencing, encouraging motivating, acting and developing people in the these values are needed in all our communities businesses and organisations.
The service model of leadership is predominantly that of coaching, following the 4 dimensions of leadership: 1.
Lead with Feeling.
Purposeful leadership (Vision) setting values and culture, building a culture of trust, faith, hope and awareness both spiritually and physically, the cornerstones of effective leadership.
Leading with Logic and Knowledge.
Having knowledge does not necessarily make a leader in fact it can create an ego that undermines leadership and allows bad habits to creep in.
Use knowledge to lead people to their own conclusions, this requires knowledge of communication using conversation and questions so that the outcome is revealed in an empowering manner.
Leading by doing:
I am sure that you have heard the phrase "lead by example", in the past in some poorly led business teams this has meant; if you do not do as you are told then we will make an example of you.
NO this is not what it means.
Leaders have got to be seen doing, taking action.
One of the most rewarding actions I've taken when I was leading a business administration team was to spend some time on reception if you like 'a mile in their shoes' answering phones and greeting visitors (not well I might add).
I received a whole new perspective on the business and those who relied on me to leader.
Leaders Change Habits;
Bad habits can affect our commitment especially our habits of thought, this can create a level of doubt and sometimes fear producing mediocre results.
There is enough fear around now that we need something solid to hang on to.
Leaders who have faith in their direction and are committed to strategy and approach instilling faith and hope in others have a far greater opportunity for success.
What drives a successful servant leader is the ability to communicate, we are in a world where a generation of people have lost interpersonal skill, they communicate many times a day with a computer, phone or tablet screen, but have difficulty looking people in the eye when communicating face to face.
We need leaders! Many potential leaders may have held back, not put their hand up when asked, even though they can see an opportunity for themselves in business, community, church or other organisations, find away to step up and put your hand up to show your passion and vision.
We need leaders who can communicate and create a culture of unity strong enough to repel negative influences.
Leaders who are committed to their vision and purpose, they lead out of a sense of service not as a result of positional power or ego.
These leaders are willing to stand up and create a new chapter in our story book of life in business, families and in our communities, empowering others to make a difference and become servant leaders.
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