Diabetes Mellitus - Easy Methods to Conquer

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DIABETES MELLITUS: FALL IN LOVE WITH IT! Know for sure that once diabetes has taken hold of your body, it has fallen in love with it.
The natural corollary is that diabetes won't leave your body! Then, what do you do with such a headstrong partner? DIABETES MELLITUS: SLOW & STEADY WINS THE RACE The crucial moment calls for the accurate shots (diplomatic moves) at the right moment when your opponent (spouse) is at its weakest! As you sing its song, dance to its rhythm and satisfy it with your acquiescence, that's actually the time when you can take control of it.
DIABETES: CONTROL THE MIND TO CURE IT That's true! Mind control is the cue! Using this tactic, which become a habit with us, we can cure all ailments including diabetes mellitus.
DIABETES SPREADS SLOWLY BUT SURELY Medical studies have found that diabetes is not a disease that appears overnight.
One thing is for sure, though.
Diabetes mellitus can be cured naturally.
The means are yoga and Ayurveda.
YOGA & AYURVEDA Both yoga and Ayurveda are age-old time-tested means to strengthen the body through natural means.
IGNORE DIABETES MELLITUS: SUFFER THE CONSEQUENCES Obviously once you let a wound fester; it can turn cancerous with disastrous consequences for the sufferer.
DIABETES MELLITUS: A LIFE-LONG PARTNER So is the case with the ailment, diabetes, or diabetes mellitus: Diabetes is a life-long partner.
Now, how do you adjust with your lifetime mate? Don't you love your spouse, share time together and also take care of each other? You do.
You can, and should manage your mind.
Then, you will insulate your body against all forms of diseases.
Else, you'll become a slave of your inclinations or desires.
And, know for sure such a lifestyle will land you in a soup! Your body will revolt, the naturally gifted authority to check attacks of germs and viruses will get weakened, and you will very soon be a patient.
The moment you give space to such urges one blocks the logical part of the mind.
On the other hand, that part of the mind is activated, which makes us feel good.
That portion is the manager of all our urges.
So in the above situation, even though the mind does remain active it stays so only partially - hence we feel the pleasures.
At that juncture, we fail to reason out or we simply do not like to do any serious thinking.
This reasoning capability again comes to the fore once the urge is satisfied.
However, it has been found that sometimes we carry on logical exercises in our minds even as we physically indulge in the pleasurable activities.
This typical situation happens when we are under stress.
Tension, fatigue, and unknown apprehensions are the catalysts.
PRACTICE YOGA REGULARLY: TACKLE DIABETES SUCCESSFULLY Yoga is a set of ancient time-proven Indian set of exercises.
Yoga helps to synthesize the body of the practitioner (yogi) with his mind.
The ancient Indian treatises and folk-lore bear adequate testimony to the fact that yoga can deal with all forms of attacks on the human body - both physical as well as mental.
Thus, regular practicing of the mind control exercises through meditation (tapasya), deliberate breathing (pranayama) in particular moves (asanas) give us the magical power to be the masters of our minds!
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