Decorating Guide to the Perfect Room

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Whether you are designing a living room, family room, kitchen, bedroom or bathroom, the elements of a well-designed room are the same. Each room should fit your family, your lifestyle, and the room's function both now and in the future. So before you start a room redesign, here are some questions to help you focus on what you and your family need from the space.

1.Does the size fit? Will your furniture physically?

Measure your room before you decide which items to move into your space.
  • Measuring Your Room Size
  • Measuring a Room
  • Basics of Space in Room Design

  • 2. Does the size fit emotionally? Is the room too crowded to make it feel comfortable and relaxing for your family and guests? If not, decluttering is in order.
  • How Much is Clutter Costing You?
  • How to De-Clutter Your Home

  • 3. How will the room function for your family? Will it be a multi-purpose or single purpose space? Will it be specifically for one person or will the whole family use it?
  • Open Floor Plan
  • How to Decorate a Man's Room
  • Lessons in a Small Multi-Function Room

  • 4. What will be the focal point of the room? Will it be a single wall, a piece of furniture, a work of art, or a window view?
  • How to Find a Focal Point in a Room
  • Create a Focal Point in Any Room

  • 5. What kind of natural light enters the room? Does the room face north, south, east, or west? The direction of the light entering a room makes a big difference in the color and strength of the natural lighting.
  • Natural Light in Room Design
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