Top 5 Crucial Mistakes In Mobile Design

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The situation with failed apps is not so clear - they lack all or some of these features, but the mistakes are all different Here are the top 5 design mistakes to avoid if you want your app to ever become popular and widely used.
1)Many Features... Too many. It's important to have useful features in your app But when the number of features is to big, the app can look crowded and hard to understand for the users. Any popular app solves some people's problem of course But in case your app has too many functions and features, the app becomes confusing When opening your app, users should immediately understand where the most important features are and how to use them An this is the reason why adding extra features can make your application design worse instead of better
2)Over designed app. Many people think that white spaces are bad and try to fill them with something But it is rarely true If designers have to draw extra elements just to fill the white spaces, the result can become a catastrophe You should always remember, that simplicity is a priority for any app If something is not absolutely necessary, just don't include it You should leave only the crucial features, and make the user interface easy to understand and use.
3)Too Slow Application. If the design prevents your app from running fast, change apps design, not speed The same as in web, people won't wait too long for app loading Of course, you already know that more than half of users leave if your site is loading longer than 5 seconds. This rule works with the applications too That's why even if you want to show those cool animations, its not a reason to lose the speed.
4)Over detailed app. If you need to use descriptions, too much text in you interface - your app design has already failed All in-apps action should be intuitive and understandable without any extra explanations. Take into account that most users, who do not understand something in your app, just quit it Intuitive interface is what makes your app widely popular
5)Too many FAQs in your app It may sound strange, but apps with long and detailed FAQs rarely become popular. And if you think about it - its actually understandable - if your application needs a detailed FAQ to be used properly, it is for sure badly designed. If you add FAQ, help or online support to the app, youve already lost in the usability war.
If you look at the app as a user, you can avoid many typical developers and design mistakes before the release In case you just can't look at your app as a user - ask your friend, parents or some far from tech person If they will be able to use your app without your help and instructions - you've done it - congratulations!
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