Is She Satisfied With Your Performance in Bed? Sure Shot Ways to Tell Almost Instantly

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After a hot and steamy session of sex that you might have enjoyed tremendously, you might still wonder if your girl too had loved it as much as you have.
Well, here are some tips that will discreetly inform you if she indeed was satisfied with your performance in bed or not.
She goes into a trance-like situation after the final climax.
If your girl has climaxed almost-violently and seems to have gone into a trance-like state after the orgasm is over, for at least a few minutes then she sure is happy with your performance.
If she gets up immediately and runs to the bathroom then things might not be so good.
She keeps repeating your name after an orgasm.
If she climaxes while screaming out your name again and again and even keeps repeating your name after the orgasm is over then she is surely happy with your performance.
If, on the other hand, she blurts out someone else's name during orgasm or quietly shifts to the other side of the bed after climaxing then you are in trouble.
Her breathing takes a long time to return to normal.
If she has genuinely climaxed then her breathing will be labored and she will happily curl up in your arms until her breathing returns to normal.
If, she has faked the orgasm to put an end to your performance, then she could simply get up and walk out of the bedroom or discuss mundane things immediately after her 'orgasm'.
She discusses the next date with you.
If she is truly impressed with your bedroom antics then she might start discussing the next date with you.
This implies that she will be more than happy for another sexual escapade.
If however, she simply walks away saying that she will call you then you can be sure that your bedroom moves have gone to waste.
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