Is it Better to Serve Tea From a Silver Tea Pot?

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Silver teapots are as famous as tea it self and has been a part of tea heritage for years, typically seen as an English thing it has been adopted throughout the world.
First used from King George the first era and from their become a traditional part of any tea set.
Queen Victoria made them a common part of any tea set around one hundred years ago as they become affordable by most middle class of people.
If you prefer a modern rather than an antique tea pot they still come in silver and are much more affordable than before.
But they are still not the cheapest pot you can buy.
Why would you wan to buy a silver tea pot when they can come in stainless steel, porcelain or other materials.
One thing is they look classical in any tea serving set and there are some practical reasons to choosing silver over other materials.
The properties of silver allows heat to be retained and will keep you brewed tea warmed for much longer then other materials would.
This is helpful as you will not waste tea if it is not poured but has gone cold.
Therefore you will be able to get quite a few cups of tea out of a good sized silver tea pot than you would others.
Allowing you to spend more time chatting to your friends than spending in the kitchen making another pot of tea.
Another valuable reason is that silver is very durable, in that if the pots dropped it will not break or be chipped like porcelain tea pots, stainless steel tea pots have much the same properties as silver pots as they are both made out of metal.
As we mentioned silver tea pots retain heat, therefore if you are buying one you need to ensure the base of the tea pot as a base or foot.
This is because of the heat generated will heat the base and is too hot to sit on the tray or table, unless it is padded.
Also check out the handle as the heat will be transferred here too, so look for a non heat transferable material to allow you to be able to handle the pot.
Whether you choose a modern design or antique style a silver tea pot will enhance your drinking experience and if you can afford one is definitely worth the investment.
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