Taking Online Surveys - What You Need to Know

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When you start taking online surveys, it really pays off to know what you're getting into.
Besides seeing the dollar amounts in your head, you need to be aware of the fundamental traits of most survey sites, or else you will wind up at low end places that don't give you much cash to begin with.
Here are the three things to take into account when taking online surveys.
How Often Do You Get Paid? - A couple of years ago, the answer to this was as clear cut as possible.
Now it's not as clear cut, which is a good thing for all of us.
About a year ago, every single survey site paid you once a month.
It was usually around the 15th of every month and you would get a check sent to your house.
Nowadays, survey sites are offering weekly and bi-weekly payments.
Heck, some of these places also allow you to cash out any time you want, as long as you've made over $10.
00 for the month.
I like to get my payments on a monthly basis, because if I got them weekly, I would end up spending it all in a very short amount of time.
I have no self restraint when it comes to spending the money I make taking online surveys, so I like to wait for my cash.
How Many Surveys Does the Site Have? - This is a big one.
After spending a couple of weeks at one of the websites you find, you should be able to judge them pretty good.
If you spend two weeks at a website and they haven't updated their list of survey offers, you need to walk away from them.
A good, well intentioned website will update their available survey offers about once every 5-6 days, assuring that you always have new ones to take.
If they aren't putting new ones up, you'll be stuck with no way to make some cash.
How Much Do They Pay? - This is also a big one.
You need to be aware of how much money you're getting compared to the amount of time you're spending filling out the questionnaires.
If you did 3 hours of survey offers one week, but only have $5.
00 to show for it, that's a good sign that you should run away from that website.
On the other hand, if you got $30.
00 for those three hours of taking online surveys, you've found yourself a winner.
Long story short, it should average out to something between 7 and 10 bucks per hour, which isn't bad.
Those are the three things every person much know when taking online surveys.
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