Ways to Repair Boat Vinyl

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    • Kits are available for boat owners to fix vinyl tears. Automobile repair shops often sell them, which usually contain some type of epoxy or other mending solution to bond the tears back together. If you have high-quality vinyl you want to repair to the best possible degree, then find a good kit that includes some type of injection system.


    • Adhesive is useful if you have larger vinyl tears you can only mend to become less noticeable. These adhesives are designed to mend rips and holes, and are designed to blend in with paint colors. Thus, you find a color that matches the original vinyl, and mix it with the adhesive so the repair is less noticeable. For large repair projects, you can brush on these adhesives like paint.


    • A line of foam products is available, designed to repair vinyl and leather furniture products, including boat seat vinyl. If you have deeper gouges, then consider using this foam. It is designed to fill in larger gaps or cracks due to damage. You can apply most foams with a caulk gun, and it dries in a flexible form.

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